There are two reasons you might have received a notice of cancellation even though you renewed your bond.

1) You surety underwriting market changed at renewal.

This means that the market backing your bond for your next renewal term is not the same market that currently holds your bond. Your existing market issued and sent a notice of cancellation to indicate that bond will no longer be active since you're switching markets. This means you MUST file the new bond issued at renewal to replace the existing bond being canceled to stay in good standing with your obligee who requires and holds your bond.

2) Your renewal invoice was paid during the cancellation period.

Depending on the requirements enforced by your obligee, a certain amount of advanced notice is required before your bond can be canceled. If you paid your renewal invoice after the cancellation period began, it's possible your market issued a formal notice of cancellation with the understanding you would not be renewing your bond for the next term. In this situation a reinstatement notice has likely already been issued and emailed to you.

If you or your obligee received a notice of cancellation for a bond you still need, call 1 (800) 308-4358 or email, and one of our friendly representatives will review your account with you.

You can always verify the current status of your bond online 24/7 at