Surety companies typically do not release collateral back to clients until after the associated surety bond obligation has been fulfilled and/or formally canceled. 

If you previously filed collateral for a surety bond or account, cannot release or return your collateral to you.

Collateral can only be released/returned by the surety company with which the collateral was directly filed. We can, however, put you in touch with a surety company contact who will be able to assist. 

The terms and conditions for returning collateral are typically outlined in the surety company's collateral agreement clients sign and file prior to collateralized bond issuance, so more detailed guidance can be easily found by reviewing that document. 

If you'd like to request help to have your collateral returned or have any other questions about collateralization, call 1 (800) 308-4358 or email, and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to help.