Because is the industry leader in bonding service, we're often the first call when claims arise. As an agency, however, we only service our clients' accounts and do not manage any claims on behalf of the markets we represent.

The markets that underwrite and back the guaranteed obligation(s) outlined on bond forms have full service claims teams to process claims. 

To make a claim on a bond, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Contact the authority that holds the bond (also known as the "obligee") to request instructions for how to file a claim against the bonded individual or company in question.
  2. The obligee holding the bond should provide the contact information for the surety market that issued the bond and backs its obligation(s).
  3. You'll work with the surety market's claims team to review and resolve the claim. 

If you already know the name of the surety market that backs the bond you'd like to file a claim against, click here for claims team contact information for the top 100 surety markets.

Note: You cannot file a claim against your own bond, nor would you ever want to.

Please do not contact requesting to file a claim; simply follow the steps above.