Bond terms vary based on the requirements of the entity that requires the bond (also known as the "obligee"). 

Sometimes professional or business license terms must run concurrently with the surety bond term. As with many aspects of bond requirements, this is at the sole discretion of the obligee that requires the bond.

Common terms for surety bonds include:

Annual Bonds: Most bonds are issued on an annual basis. This means the bond is valid for one year once the bond goes into effect. Premiums are then paid annually to renew the bond past its original 1-year term.  

Fixed Expiration Date Bonds: Some bonds must expire on a certain day of the year regardless of when the bond first goes into effect. Common dates for fixed expirations are 6/30 and 12/31, although each obligee sets fixed expiration dates at their discretion. Additionally, some obligees always require odd or even year expirations for their bond terms. 

Extended Term Bonds: Some bond terms last for more than one year. In some situations the obligee requires a set term (such as a 2-year term) while other terms last for the duration of the obligation (as is required for construction projects or court appointments). In some situations the premium for the entire extended term must be paid upfront while in other situations the bond is simply renewed annually as long as the obligation remains active and premium is paid. 

Multi-Year Discount Bonds: Some surety providers offer optional multi-year discounts for bonds that are typically issued annually. This means even though a bond only has to have a one-year term, if the applicant knows they'll need the bond for multiple years, they can save money upfront and bypass the renewal process by choosing to extend the bond term past what is required. Not all bonds are eligible for multi-year discounts, but let us know if that's something you're interested in so we can check. 

If your existing bond term is ending or you're unsure if you need to renew your bond for a new term, you should always verify with the entity that requires your bond, also known as the "obligee."

You can always verify the current status of any bond you've bought from us 24/7 by entering the bond number at

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